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Paradise Points Program


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You can earn discounts on your next order!  Earn Paradise Points that you can use like cash on our website!  It’s easy and fairly painless, and most points can be used on your order today! See ways to earn points below!



  • Sign up for a new customer account (super easy, you get points)    
  • Sign up for our newsletter (pretty dang easy and you’ll get coupons from us...and points)



  • Like a Page on Facebook!  Find a product you think is awesome and click the “like” button on that product page. Feel free to like a few items but note there is a daily limit set on “likes”.   
  • Refer a friend!  Once you’ve logged in to the website you can click on the link labeled “Invite a friend”. Pick a friend who is a knitter, weaver, spinner, crocheter, felter or other type of fiber fanatic.  You’ll get points when they make a purchase from us on the site, automatically! Awesome!  
  • Vote in a Poll... We periodically have polls listed on the website, answer a question and get points!  
  • Place an order…Yes, believe it, we will give you points for items you purchase from us that you can use like cash on the website for future purchases!  Note: Some items may not qualify for points to check this you will see how many points a purchase will earn when you view your cart. If an item is already on sale or discounted it might not earn points.  Spinning wheel purchases do not qualify for Points as they receive free fiber.

  • Use Your Points! There is a catch! Points do expire within 90 days of your last purchase.  This means if you purchase every 90 days for the rest of your life they will never expire.  However; if you only shop with us a few times a year you'll need to make sure and not let them expire after the 90 days.  You can use them on just about anything we sell and there is no minimum sales amount to use them.

  • How to use your Points: To use your Points you will just need to be logged in.  Then when you go to your shopping cart there is a little button below your items that says 'maximize my discount with points'.  Click that button and it will apply all of your available Points.  Points must be spent in incriments of 100.

100 Points = $1

Paradise Points have no cash value and do have an expiration date.  See below for complete rules and fine print on our Paradise Points offer.

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Paradise Points Program Terms and Conditions

In using the Paradise Points Program (Program) you (Participant) agree to be bound by these Program terms and conditions. Paradise Fibers reserves the right at any time, and from time to time, without notice, to add to, remove from, change or terminate the Program. Furthermore Paradise fibers may change Program benefits, account levels, Program affiliations or redemption offers at any time and without notice. Participants are responsible for accessing this site in order to keep informed of Program features applicable to Participants’ rights and responsibilities with regard to the Program. For questions regarding the Program, participants may also send questions by email to sales@paradisefibers.com.

The availability of any feature or aspect of the Program cannot be guaranteed. In addition, Paradise Fibers reserves the right to limit the use of Paradise Points stored in any account. Some of these limits specifically apply to the following: the number of Paradise Points that may be stored in or credited to an account balance at any one time, the number of Paradise Points that may be redeem within a given time period (for example number of points per day), the number of Paradise Points that may be obtain per promotions, or any other limits Paradise Fibers may deem to impose. Paradise Fibers reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to terminate the Program or to otherwise cease to allow any and all uses of Paradise Points previously permitted.

Paradise Points have no monetary value and may not be combined with any other offer, discount, coupon, or promotion. Furthermore, Paradise Points will never be converted to cash or refunded, even upon cancellation of an account by a participant, or termination or suspension of an account by Paradise Fibers. Additionally, if a purchase is voided, cancelled, or returned, Paradise Fibers will remove the Paradise Points for that order from the participant’s account. Accrued Paradise Points are not transferable under any conditions, including upon a participant’s death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or in any other matter. Furthermore, any purported transfer or exchange of Paradise Points is null and void. Accrued Paradise Points may not be combined with any other Program participant’s Paradise Points. All accrued Paradise Points will be forfeited upon your withdrawal from or termination of the Program.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, Paradise Fibers makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding merchantability, fitness for a particular use or otherwise, regarding the Program, or any other thing obtained by redemption of Paradise Points. Paradise Fibers is not liable, or responsible for special, incidental, punitive, consequential, or exemplary damages arising from the use of, or related activities related to, the Program or use in any manner of anything obtained by redemption. The Program is subject to applicable government laws, rules, and regulations. Void where expressly prohibited.

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