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Knitting Needles

Choosing the right knitting needle for your project is easy with our wide selection! We carry the lovely exotic wood needles from Lantern Moon in double point, straight and circular. Addi Sock Rockets are in-stock now! The fast nickel plated Addi Turbos are always a favorite among knitters and we stock them all! Addi Lace are great for knitters that like a sharper point and do more lace work. Brittany Birch are an inexpensive alternative to plastic needles and are made in the USA for piece of mind. KA Bamboo are high quality Japanese bamboo knitting needles at a great price! If you need help choosing the perfect needle for your project give us a call or use our live chat feature, we are happy to help.

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Interchangeable and Circular Knitting Needles

Paradise Fibers is committed to becoming your one stop shop for all your knitting, crocheting, felting, weaving, and spinning needs. We carry a huge assortment of needles in stock, ready to ship out same day.

The first thing any knitter needs other than a pattern and a skein of yarn is a knitting needle set and we stock all major manufactures. When you are just beginning to learn how to knit, you may think one is the same as any other. It doesn’t take more than a glance in a few books to see you have a choice between bamboo circular knitting needles or a metal circular knitting needle set among others. A set can include needles made of nearly any material imaginable including rosewood.

You might assume from the patterns you plan to follow that you have no need for circular knitting needles. When deciding on which needles to buy, reconsider all your options for needles. Circular needles are a fun option to use on larger flat projects because they hold more yarn than a straight. Other options may include adding Addi interchangeable set to your knitting kit. Take time to examine a variety of needles. Circular needle kits are available with a detachable cord that allows interchangeable knitting needles to be added for different projects. Once you learn how to knit on a circular knitting needle, you may decide that a it is your first choice for a large range of projects. Interchangeable circular knitting needles for sale are available from several manufacturers. Some include several cords of various lengths to allow even more options when working on large projects. One of the advantages of an interchangeable set is that you can reuse the same cables for a variety of tips which saves you money in the long run.  You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on just a handful of popular needle sizes and still only have a fraction of the possibilities you would have with an interchangeable set.

As with other knitting needles, circular needles may not be appropriate for all projects. They are available in sizes ranging from three to 15 and for those with interchangeable needles you can find cord sizes from 11 to 40 inches based on the circumference of your finished project. A good pattern should recommend both the size of the needles and the length of cord.  Many of the small sizes are not available in an Interchangeable set and

We recommend purchasing a quality needle set when you are ready to purchase needles. A quality set such as the Addi interchangeable knitting needles will perform smoothly and last much longer than a lower quality brand. This set also allows you to purchase replacement tips later. A quality circular knitting needle set will give you many more options once you learn to use them properly. With interchangeable needles that may be used with or without a cord, your knitting options are endless. At Paradise Fibers, we can recommend a good quality needle set. A set such as bamboo circulars or beautiful rosewood needles are often a favorite choice when working with fine fibers that tend to slip easily. Kollage even produces a square needle set that is easier to use for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel issues. You can also purchase an Addi needles set in various materials. Choosing a set containing interchangeable needles may allow you to save space and money in a knitting kit.

Some needles are manufactured to be virtually snag-free like Addi Turbo.  As the name implies these turbo needles allow you to knit faster and smoother once you have mastered the basics. Professional knitters worldwide use Addi turbo exclusively.  Another very popular professional interchangeable set is from Lantern Moon with exotic hardwoods imported from Vietnam.  These sets have the smoothest join of any interchangeables on the market.

Another popular choice with experienced knitters that like the warm feel of plastic is Bryspun. Bryspun knitting needles feature a unique flexibility that makes them easier to use for extended periods. These needles also have tapered points for smoother and faster knitting. Bryspun circular needles are now sold under the name Pearls.

At Paradise Fibers, we offer a variety of styles and we carry the best brands in stock. If you can't find the knitting needles or accessories you need please make sure to call or live chat, we are happy to help and answer any questions before or after your purchase.