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Metropolis Your Way Pattern
Metropolis Your Way Pattern Learn More

Tallinn Top Down Pattern-Stay warm this winter with this beautiful cabled poncho. Learn More

Moon Shadows Pattern
Moon Shadows Shawl Pattern by Romi HIll Learn More

Juniper Moon Farm Strandline Skirt Pattern - This skirt is knit sideways with short rows and is a very adjustbale skirt pattern. Learn More
$6.00 / ea

Juniper Moon Farm Saltwater Shawl Pattern - This shawl pattern uses multiple yarn overs to create a light and flowing garment. Learn More
$6.00 / ea

Juniper Moon Farm Promenade Cardigan - The sideways construction of this cardigan combined with the Moonshine yarn create a flattering garment with beautiful drape. Learn More
$6.00 / ea


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Knitting and Crocheting Supplies: Knitting Patterns

Knitting is a wonderful hobby that provides several benefits to the crafter. In addition to creating beautiful, decorative, and useful items, knitting is a relaxing activity that stimulates the mind. There are many knitting patterns for beginners that ensure those new to the craft can create wonderful projects. There are many knitting patterns to choose from to give the crafter plenty of options to choose. There are many projects that one might think of as advanced that can be created with knitting patterns designed for the new crafter. Knitting doesn’t require a lot of stitches and by using knit and purl, crafters can create wonderful items that look as if they required a great deal of difficulty to complete. By choosing a pattern for beginners, everyone can enjoy the hobby while making wonderful and unique items.

There are many available in a wide selection of genres such as toys, clothing, baby items, household items, and more. Popular knitting patterns include those for baby garments and items such as hats. Those looking for easy projects like scarves, hats, and baby clothing will find there are plenty of options available. By following the pattern’s instructions and determining the proper gauge before you begin, everyone can create fun and unique items by following the pattern instructions with their yarn of choice. Patterns for beginners are an excellent way to develop your skills while creating useful, purposeful items.

Knitting techniques are invaluable and should be developed correctly. Those new to the craft should understand the importance of choosing the right sized knitting needles, how to change yarns, and what size needles works best with various yarns, before beginning a project. Once techniques such as increasing and decreasing are understood, you can advance to more difficult patterns. By understanding the basics and techniques regarding knitting, you can then select patterns that fit your personal tastes, styles, and abilities.

As there are numerous patterns available to select from, many crafters often choose to specialize or focus on one area. Some prefer to work on baby clothes or toys, while others may fancy household items such as potholders, magnets, baskets, or more. The options available for those looking for knitting projects are vast and there are numerous projects written in terminology easy to understand by the novice. Many knitters new to the craft are surprised at how many projects they can complete while just learning. Scarves, hats, and blankets are great choices for the new knitter as well and can provide countless hours of enjoyment. More advanced projects include sweaters that feature cables and socks that require lots of increasing and decreasing. By taking your time and working at your level, you will find that it will not take long before you advance from beginner, to intermediate and are soon working at advanced or expert level. Knitting is a wonderful hobby that provides many benefits and enjoyment. Those who learn to knit not only have a craft that is relaxing, but may also create special gifts for family members and friends, or even choose to sell their projects and earn money from their hobby.